OEM brand


Our Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) package is the answer for you. We offer a complete package for customers who plan to start building their brand. Literally, from the beginning to end!

OEM brand perfume with keef nish

Your One - Stop Provider

Here is how we can help you build your very own perfume, air freshener brand and business:


1) Choose Your Potion!

You can select from more than 300 scents of fine fragrances.

Meanwhile, there are up to 50 scents for the air freshener. 


2) Which bottle design speaks your magic (brand) ? 

You can choose from various types of perfume bottles ranging from 10ml to 100ml.


3) What’s your choice of box design?

Environmental friendly, eye-catching or aesthetically minimalistic? We can assist you with the box design and packaging.


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