Keef & Nish Fragrance is a company that supplies and distributes fine fragrances in forms of perfume, and air freshener.


500ml or 500 litres?


You name it! We’ll deliver it to your doorstep.


Doorstep delivery? Say whaaat??


No, you didn’t get that wrong!


First, Tell us the quantity you’d like.


We deliver the fragrance to you from as little as 500ml to hundreds of litres that could even fill up a bathtub!


Fun Fact: it takes an average of 302 litres of water to fill up a bathtub!

Secondly, We will deliver it to you.


Yes, we’d like to make your life easy for you, just for YOU!


Thirdly, Just choose any scent or more from a variety of our samples.


What’s your favourite go-to scent? Amber, citrus, musky, woody, fresh spicy, floral, coffee, balsamic, oud… you ask for it, we will be your genie and get it for you!


You want it? You got it!


Last but not least, You’ll get a price within your means!


And that’s a PROMISE! We know how crucial this is to you, trust us to be your channel to be your own brand owner! 



Still think all of these are unbelievable?

Visit our distribution facility in Shah Alam, Selangor or Chat with our friendly team today!