We are Keef & Nish
The founder believes that scent is a form of personality. So whenever you want to feel powerful or gentle, or also when you want to be vibrant or serious, Keef & Nish is here to make the best out of your personality!
about us keef nish
How it started?
Keef & Nish evolved from a small outfit in Klang Valley into a leading fragrance brand in the region.
It was founded in 2016 and has been focusing on perfumery ever since.
Originally from Europe, our range of perfumes blended with our traditional formulation and has grown in demand and become one of the fastest growing perfume manufacturers and distributors in Malaysia.
What we do?
We’d like to enchant the world with our perfumes - so everyone can be the finest version of themselves. . But for that, we need help. That’s why we are always welcoming new distributors and agents throughout Malaysia to join our remarkable team.
We also have designed a complete business start-up package that allows people to create their own perfume brands. YES, Your very own brand!
Not only do we offer perfume, but also Air Freshener, so with that personality vibe established, you need to surround yourself in an aromatic place where you can keep your zen checked!
The company's mission is to become the first choice of everyone’s go-to fragrance.
KEEF & NISH is reinventing a wholly modern approach to fragrance. The company has redefined scents and lifestyle for the past half decade, further making its way as one of the world’s most desirable fragrances.
Core Values
We listen and hear our customer’s needs and wants. Not only that we don’t give credence to inequality in any form and unethical shopping practices, we also stand strongly in empowerment, bravery, fortitude then combining those pleasant scents, of course, this will charmingly get us one step closer to our vision and mission.