Which Perfume Suits Him


This week, gentlemen, we’ve got you covered.

Just like women, men are no different, the question everyone simply asks when they want to buy a perfume is— “Which perfume suits me?”

When it comes to perfume, weather, time, occasions or activities play a huge part in choosing the right scent for you. Understanding your personality also is crucial to have the scent that suits you.

Fresh notes are often preferable to men that love outdoor activities.

Carnivals, hiking, bungee jumping and rock climbing — Men who enjoy these activities are always the one that has fresh note scents linger on them.

One thing that we like about woody notes are the fact it suits any occasion and weather. There is just something about woody notes that they’re usually preferred by people of authenticity following by the strong and aromatic scents that cling to it.

The thing about Mossy and Romantic notes are the fact it’s described as a bundle of bursting scents. 


The best way to describe this scent is like when you take a walk through a wet forest with damp mossy trunks and stones together with lichen-covered root branches along the ground; creating this scent of leather smell in a subtle undertone, revealing hints of musk and amber.

People of reliability would prefer this scent because it also blends well with floral aromas that will amble around the notes like rose, daisy, vanilla and more. This speaks their personality of being able to have high self-esteem and hardworking attitude.

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