Types of Perfume


Did you know that the type of perfume determines the duration of how long the scent lasts?

As our previous posts has explained how the the fragrance subfamilies works and what’s the usual scent that will have the lasting smell.

Here are the 5 types of perfumes and how long do it lasts depending on the content of the perfume itself!

The one with the longest lasting scent is none of there than the Perfume itself.

It is because the content of the aromatics or what we could call it, the pure essence of the perfume is the highest. Hence why it lasts longer! The coolest thing is, it lasts longer than 8 hours and don’t be surprised that even after you wash your clothes, the after-lingering scents are still present.


What’s stupendous about Eau De Perfume is the fact that it has lasting scent as well but it’s also reasonable in term of cost compared to perfume. EDP is like a get-go perfume where it requires a mid day touch ups if you decide to go on a date later in the evening! 

If you prefer a lighter scent without a stronger fragrant like perfume and EDP, you should opt to EDT which can lasts pretty decent and it is perfect for someone that has a sensitive nose, or those who cannot stand strong fragrance smell. 


With 3-5% of fragrance oil, Eau De Cologne is perfect for masculine scent and it lasts about 3 hours or more. It is commonly used by younger people.

Last but not least, Eau De Sport has about 1-3% of perfume oil, usually preferred to be used during the Spring and Summer season due to the heavy but airy smell to it. 

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